Name Date Paper Name Authors Journal Year Link
Andrew Demers 1-Apr The Causes and Consequences of House Price Momentum Guren JMP 2013 link
Kevin Dick 1-Apr Slow Moving Debt Crises Lorenzoni & Werning WP 2013 link
Pascal Paul 1-Apr The pass-through of sovereign risk Bocola WP 2014 link
Mi Luo 1-Apr The Wealthy Hand-to-Mouth Kaplan, Violante, Weidner WP 2014 link
Gaston Navarro 1-Apr Financing decisions: who issues stock? Eugene Fama and Kenneth French Journal of Financial Economics 2005 link
Miguel de Faria e Castro 1-Apr Servicing the public debt: The role of expectations Guillermo Calvo AER 1988 link
David Evans 1-Apr Taxation and Household Labour Supply NEZIH GUNER, REMZI KAYGUSUZ, GUSTAVO VENTURA ReStud 2012 link
andres blanco 1-Apr The Perils of Taylor Rules Benhabid, Uribe and Schmitt-Grohe JET 2001 link
Diego Anzoategui 1-Apr Crisis and Commitment:
Inflation Credibility and the Vulnerability to Sovereign Debt Crises
Aguiar, Amador, Farhi, and Gopinath WP 2013 link
Nic Kozeniauskas 1-Apr Ambiguous business cycles Ilut and Schneider AER Forthcoming link
Joseba Martinez 1-Apr The Dual Approach to Recursive Optimization:
Theory and Examples
Messner, Pavoni, Sleet WP 2013 link
Dan Greenwald 1-Apr Inflation Bets or Deflation Hedges?
The Changing Risks of Nominal Bonds
Campbell, Sunderam, Viceira NBER WP 2009 link
Simon Mongey 1-Apr Financial Shocks and Job Flows Mehrotra, Sergeyev WP 2014 link
Isaac Baley 1-Apr Interbank Liquidity Crunch and the Firm Credit Crunch: Evidence from the 2007-2009 Crisis Iyer, Peydro, da-Rocha-Lopes, Shoar Review of Financial Studies 2013 link
Francisco Espinosa 1-Apr The Choice between Market Failures and Corruption Acemoglu and Verdier AER 2000 link
Jerome Williams 1-Apr Financial Intermediation, Asset Prices and Macroeconomic Dynamics Adrian, Moench, Shin WP 2010 link
Andrea Prestipino 1-Apr Has the US Finance Industry become less efficient? Thomas Philippon WP 2013 link